$77.00 USD

The Power of Self Love: Learn to Truly Love Yourself

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Learn to truly love yourself by understanding the power self-love can have in your life!

In this course, you will learn to truly love yourself through exploring and enhancing your self-care practices, inner voice, boundaries, and communication style.

  • Are you ready to make your self-care a priority without feeling guilty?
  • Do you wish you could talk to and about yourself with more compassion?
  • Ready to explore your inner voice?
  • Want to finally silence and say goodbye to that inner critic?
  • Do you want to learn assertive communication strategies and how to set boundaries with confidence?

Then this course is for you!!

What You Will Learn:

  • Steps to prioritize and honor your self-care needs instead of putting them last to please others
  • Strategies to develop or enhance your self-care practices
  • How to increase self-compassion to feel happier, joyful, and peaceful
  • The 4 types of communication styles: passive, assertive, passive-aggressive, aggressive
  • The 5 types of boundaries: physical, sexual, intellectual, emotional, and financial
  • How to set and maintain boundaries with yourself and others to increase confidence while reducing anger and resentment

What You Will Receive & More:

  • A Self Compassion Assessment
  • An 8 page Self-Care Inventory
  • A time management and "to do" list prioritization exercise
  • Your Assertive Bill of Rights
  • An Assertiveness Rating Scale & Assertiveness Hierarchy exercise

Course Cost: $77