Mediumship Sessions

A mediumship session is a unique and deeply spiritual experience that can offer comfort, healing of grief, and a profound sense of connection with loved ones in spirit. The primary purpose of a mediumship session is to bridge the gap between the physical world and the spirit world. It serves as a conduit for sacred communication between the living and the departed. 

Stress Management

These sessions provide tangible evidence of the afterlife, fosters healing and closure, and serves as a powerful reminder that love transcends the boundaries of death. Grieving the loss of a loved one is never easy regardless of the circumstances. My hope is for you to know that the love between you and your deceased loved ones transcends time and space.

Mediumship sessions provide proof there is life after death, that the soul lives on. Additionally, they can provide immense healing, understanding, a sense of closure, and hope through the messages of love and encouragement from your loved ones in spirit. These messages are the primary focus of sessions due to the immense healing and comfort they provide. *Although there are no guarantees of being able to connect with a specific loved one in spirit, those with the message(s) or guidance most beneficial to the individual are who come through.

Session Details:

  • Sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes.¬†
  • Sessions are provided by phone or Zoom.
  • The cost is $88 USD for a 30 minute session and $175 for a 60 minute session

"Kristi is one of the most gifted and professional psychic mediums I have ever met. In addition to being extremely personable and empathic, she is divinely connected to receiving information from your loved ones on the other side as well as guiding you on the right path during a psychic reading. I would highly recommend scheduling a session with Kristi as she is very passionate about her work and helping others."

- Tawney Lewis
Certified Master Teacher for Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development and Paranormal Researcher, California

How Mediumship Sessions Are Beneficial:

  • Emotional Healing: Messages from deceased loved ones offer comfort, reassurance, and healing for those grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • Spiritual Guidance: Loved ones in spirit often provide guidance, wisdom, and insight on life's challenges, helping individuals make informed decisions.
  • Validation: I provide tangible, evidential information that validates the existence of an afterlife as well as the presence of your loved one, bringing solace and peace to those who may doubt or question it.
  • Reconnection: These sessions allow for a reconnection with loved ones who have crossed over, fostering a sense of continuity and confirmation that love does not die, it exists beyond physical boundaries.
  • Healing Unresolved Issues: I facilitate conversations with deceased loved ones that help resolve lingering issues, emotional wounds, or unanswered questions.

"During my session, Kristi immediately tapped into my late husband's spirit with very specific information to verify that it was him. She delivered a most heartfelt message that I really needed to hear for my heart. It was a very emotional and wonderfully healing experience. Thank you."

- S.B.

Specific, Evidential Information You May Receive In A Mediumship Session: 

  • Their Relationship to You
  • Personality Traits/Their Essence
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Shared Memories
  • Messages and/or Guidance for You
  • Current/Recent Life events involving you/family to verify they are still very much connected to you/your family through love

"Kristi has an exceptional gift. During our session, she connected with my late grandmother and delivered a deeply meaningful message intended for me to relay to my aunt. Kristi accurately identified my aunt’s name, adding credibility to her abilities. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking authentic and emotionally resonant spiritual guidance."

- Samantha S. 
New Jersey