My Book 

My teaching memoir, Speaking My Truth: No Longer Silent recounts my journey of healing from many traumas as I  was guided down an unexpected path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. All of my experiences taught me to reclaim my voice, reconnect with myself and my intuition, and to transform all of the pain into a higher purpose of helping others. That led to greater happiness and overall health and wellbeing. In Speaking My Truth: No Longer Silent, I offer this same gift of healing and personal transformation to anyone struggling to recover from trauma by joining me on this journey.

Over the past 17 years, I’ve felt privileged and honored as my clients have vulnerably shared with me their personal stories of pain, heartbreak, and strength, inviting me into a part of their life’s story. I believe one of my life’s purposes has been to aid in the healing, empowerment, and transformation of as many people as possible. To further work toward that goal, I am in the early stages of writing my first book: Speaking My Truth: No Longer Silent. All of my clients, past and present, are a huge inspiration for me to also share my story, to speak my truth.

My greatest hope in writing this book is for people to know that healing from trauma and grief as well as the ability to thrive in all areas of their lives after it is truly possible! My book offers the specific steps, exercises, and tools to make that a reality for them too!


Speaking My Truth: ​
No Longer Silent

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