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The Power of Self Love: Learn to Truly Love Yourself  

Instructors: Kristi Ottis & Jill Seabourne

The Power of Self Love: Learn to Truly Love Yourself 


Learn to truly love yourself by understanding the power self love can have in your life! 


In this course, you will learn to truly love yourself through exploring and enhancing your self-care practices, inner voice, boundaries, and communication style.


Are you ready to make your self-care a priority without feeling guilty? 

Do you wish you could talk to and about yourself with more compassion?

Ready to explore your inner voice?

Want to finally silence and say goodbye to that inner critic?

Do you want to learn assertive communication strategies and how to set boundaries with confidence?


Then this course is for you!!


What You Will Learn:

  • Steps to prioritize and honor your self-care needs instead of putting them last to please others
  • Strategies to develop or enhance your self-care practices 
  • How to increase self-compassion to feel happier, joyful, and peaceful
  • The 4 types of communication styles: passive, assertive, passive-aggressive, aggressive
  • The 5 types of boundaries: physical, sexual, intellectual, emotional, and financial
  • How to set and maintain boundaries with yourself and others to increase confidence while reducing anger and resentment 

What You Will Receive & More: 

  • A Self-Compassion Assessment
  • An 8 page Self-Care Inventory
  • A time management and "to do" list prioritization exercise
  • Your Assertive Bill of Rights
  • An Assertiveness Rating Scale & Assertiveness Hierarchy exercise
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The Power of Self Love:

Learn to Truly Love Yourself - Testimonials

"I am always looking for avenues to self improvement so that I can live my best life. This workshop gave me tools to learn how to love myself and put myself as a priority when living my best life. The strategies I learned during the workshop are ones that I was easily able to implement immediately into my day-to-day life. I look forward to seeing how my life will be as I learn to love myself and put me at the top of my priorities. Thank you Jill and Kristi for sharing how to start doing this."

- Melissa 


"The workshop was a great interactive, inclusive and a safe space for delving into personal issues with practical guidance for inner work."

- Shelleigh

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