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If greater intuitive awareness, emotional fulfillment, and physical and spiritual health and well-being​ is what you are looking for, then you’ve come to the right place…

I’m here to guide and empower you as you embark on your unique journey of self-discovery to personal transformation!

 I blend my intuitive gifts with my traditional training as a Licensed Professional Counselor to offer intuitive life coaching and online learning services.

Intuitive life coaching & my online courses will assist you to:

Explore, recognize and build on your own current strengths and gifts

Decrease stress, overwhelm, and burnout

Learn problem-solving strategies

Develop or enhance coping skills

Learn effective ways to assertively communicate

Set healthy boundaries with others

Improve your relationships

Receive validation, support, and guidance
Learn personal empowerment strategies
Connect to your intuition/inner guidance


Choose the level of support and learning best for you:

Individual Coaching

Receive focused, individualized support, and guidance.

Course & Workshops

GET STARTED HERE if you are wanting more knowledge and strategies.

Gain more knowledge, greater self-awareness, and confidence...


Everyone faces occasional struggles during their lifetime and it can be very beneficial to elicit support from a professional to help you navigate your way through a difficult or stressful situation. ​

I believe every person possesses the capability to reach their desired potential and goals, but sometimes need some guidance to begin moving along the desired path. There are several ways to begin receiving support to best serve you on your unique journey! ​

I believe the coaching relationship is one designed to facilitate change and growth. In coaching sessions, I provide a supportive environment conducive to insight, healing, and personal growth and empowerment. I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you to achieve your goals.

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